In Nkonkobe Municipality - Men of the cloth convened in numbers at the Fort Beaufort Town Hall on 10 July 2014 to pray for the new financial year and a sound service delivery.

“This is the first of its kind at Nkonkobe Municipality and it will stay embedded in our minds forever” said Cllr Papu speaking on behalf of the Mayor. He termed the service “Yizani Sakhe”, meaning “come let’s build”, as its focus was in ensuring the delivery of services to the people. He also mentioned that the roadside prayer service done in the high accident zone area near SANTA Hospital truly touched him as it highlighted the amount of pain felt by people because of the accidents.

Highlighting the purpose for the prayer initiative Nkonkobe Municipal Manager Khanyile Maneli said the drive was "a call on God to guide everyone at the start of the financial year, provide stability, work in unison and respect the struggle fought for by our fore fathers".

Programme items included:

  • Prayer and candlelight session for all Councillors and Traditional Leaders by Rev Hartland
  • Prayer for budget/finance personnel and   top management by Rev Ngwenya
  • Prayer for South African, youth and crime by Rev Twantwa
  • Prayer for all employees and their families by Arch Deacon Ndobe
  • Prayer for service delivery by Rev Ntlonti
  • Prayer for HIV & AIDS and all other diseases by Cllr Rawana
  • Commemoration prayer for the 6 deceased Nkonkobe  employees  and two councilors by Rev Hlangani
  • Prayer for burdens by Rev Ngwenya

For Spiritual upliftment, Rev Hlangani read Psalm 121; described by Bible scholars as a song of Ascents - God the help of those who seek him

Written by: Cynthia Mokitimi