In the spirit of acknowledging women and their contribution in the workplace and in society, on 27 August 2014, Nkonkobe Municipality hosted a women celebratory event under the national theme: "Pushing Women Agenda Forward". 

The event was a joint effort by Nkonkobe Women Caucus and Administration (The Office of the Speaker, Employee Wellness, Communication and SPU) which catered for both councillors and officials. The focus was on women leadership, women in business and women and wellness.

Among the activities that took place on the day was a fitness and wellness  programme with an aim to promote healthy lifestyles and also address key  issues that affect women health. Speakers from the Department of Health, a Dietitian and SA Blood Services addressed some of the issues. This was done in the spirit of promoting a healthy and productive workforce and to develop a societal awareness with regards to diseases such as cancer, blood donation and blood grouping.

The event also highlighted the role that is, and can be, played by women in alleviating poverty and to celebrate women in leadership and in business.

Five women-lead co-operatives from the jurisdiction of Nkonkobe LM were identified and awarded R10 000 voucher each towards the equipment they need to further develop their businesses. These co-ops included the following: Sakhikamva Poultry Co-op from Ward 13; Vukani Chris Hani Co-op from Ward 3; Masiphumelele Poultry Project from Ward 14; Siyazama Poultry Co-op from Ward 9 and Masizame Agricultural Co-op from Ward 16.

Written by: Siyasanga Hompashe