Together building better communities

During the month of April the municipal council led by His Worship Mayor Anele Ntsangani embarked on Integrated Development Plan ( IDP) and Budget Road Shows,  visiting all  21 wards of Nkonkobe.


The purpose of the visits was to listen to the needs and views of the community regarding their development, and devise strategies on how these can find expression in the municipal IDP for the 2015/16 financial year


On presenting the current status quo and mapping the way forward as per the budget and IDP, the Mayor emphasised and urged people to pay their municipal bills in order for the institution to be sustainable and respond to the needs of the people. Issues raised included the state of gravel roads, construction and renovation of community halls, unfinished projects and youth development.


Communities participated positively and also appreciated to be given a chance to voice out their issues and have an input on the IDP and Budget as that gives them a sense of ownership on developments happening in their respective areas.


Written by: Yandiswa Vena