The Nkonkobe Local Municipality in partnership with the local community safety forum and sector departments: Home Affairs, Social Development, Correctional Services, ESKOM, SAPS, Safety and Liaison, and others hosted an Information Day on 22 April 2014. The event was held at the Balfour Community Hall.  The day was for information sharing among government institutions and the community at large.The event was also meant to foster good relations and integration of all government programs.
Councillor Mandla Makeleni emphasised the importance of hosting such gatherings for the communities around Nkonkobe. He said a number of  people do not know where to go when faced with certain predicaments in their lives.
He made a special mention of reporting cases to the police. Special emphasis was also made by SAPS on the issue of stock theft - how it happens and what farmers should do to protect their cows, etc. Representatives from SAPS said it is important for farmers to permanently mark their stock and that the markings should be unique; saying that this will enable the police to identify stolen stock. They also put great emphasis on the time of reporting cases; saying people are taking too long to report their cases - something that delays the discovery of stolen goods.
The issue of illegal electricity connections and its dangers was discussed at length by ESKOM representatives. Community members present were warned of hefty fines to be instituted by ESKOM to the offenders.
                                                                                                 BY: Siyasanga Hompase