On 17 October 2012, Nkonkobe Municipality, under its “50 Days of Service Delivery” program, unveiled the beautification project of the late Prophetess Nontethatha Nkwenkwe’s grave site. Since August 2012, Council took to the villages and towns around Nkonkobe unveiling developmental projects, such as community halls, daycare centres, etc; and the prophetess’ grave site formed part of the projects that were unveiled late 2012.

Among the invited guests was Advocate S Mancotywa of the South African Heritage Council. Addressing the masses, Mancotywa congratulated Nkonkobe Council for “taking such a bold decision of preserving heritage in this part of the country”. He said the decision by Council would, in the long run, benefit “the locals, as tourist would flock to the village of Khulile to see the Prophetess’ resting place”. Mancotywa encouraged the community to look after the grave site and treat its surroundings with the respect and dignity it deserves.

                                                                                                  BY SIYASANGA HOMPASHE