A partnership to quell service delivery challenges

Nkonkobe Local Municipality, the University of Fort Hare, Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs and the Department of Cooperative Governance have jointly embarked on an initiative - Business Adopt a Municipality Project (BAaM) - that seeks to enable both efficient service delivery and an environment that permits businesses to function effectively and sustainably.

The project seeks to foster closer working relationships between government, the private sector and State Owned Entities (SOEs). BAaM is aimed towards supporting vulnerable municipalities by allowing the private sector companies and SOEs to identify municipalities that they wish to adopt and support to achieve some of the imperatives set out by Provincial Governments. These include the creation of enabling environments for the business sector to flourish and be sustainable and the promotion of municipalities that are viable, sustainable and developmental at local level.

To this end, the University of Fort Hare will assist Nkonkobe Local Municipality in addressing institutional as well as service delivery challenges facing the municipality by offering advice and guidance on governance, financial management, policy and strategy formulation. The university will also offer engineering and infrastructure skills transfer support to the municipality.

The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Agreement; in which all parties agreed on their roles and responsibilities with regards to the project was held on 04 July 2013 at the University of Fort Hare.