Ntsangani – ‘Wards are where sporting champions are born’

The Nkonkobe Ward Championships Group Stages took place on  21 March 2015 at the University of Fort Hare Sports Grounds were teams who won in the different clusters  battled it out for a place in the semi - finals of the tournament.

This is a culmination of a long journey which started on 26 February, when the Nkonkobe Sports Council convened meetings with all federations - from Debe-Nek to Seymour - to table and discuss this year’s tournament rules and registration requirements.  This was to give guidance on issues of disputes during the tournament and the adherence to all tournament standards.

The elimination games kicked off on 28 February in all 21 wards of Nkonkobe, with each one looking at being chosen to form part of the cluster stages. The games have been a great success with only minimum hiccups mostly all problems being resolved and matches carrying on. 

The championships are meant to promote and expose local sporting talent in Nkonkobe and ensure mass participation from all wards. They also promote sport development and partnerships with sport federations, youth councils and other stakeholders in order to create a conducive environment for the development of sport. This tournament also enhances coaching and administration skills of officials pertaining to Rugby, Football and Netball as officiators of the tournament.

Nkonkobe Mayor Cllr Anele Ntsangani during the MPAC roadshows encouraged clubs to participate in the championships. He said; “Though the same teams also play in the Mayor’s Cup the difference is that the championships are aimed at developing clubs directly as the prize money goes to them. He continued to say, “Wards are where sporting champions are born so the prize money ensures continued nurturing of talent at the ground level”.

The teams in the tournament contest in the following sporting codes: Rugby, Soccer and Netball. Amongst the participating teams in the Group stages were last year’s rugby and netball winners: Black Lions and Tournado with soccer winners eliminated already. Do not be left behind join the ship of sports development.



· Under 19 & under 21 Age Quotas will apply in all the codes according the following stipulations:

· Rugby teams are expected to have 8 under 21 players (born on or after 01 January 1995) at any stage during the entire duration of the match.

· Soccer teams are expected to have 5 under 19 players (born on or after 01 January 1997) at any stage during the entire duration of the match.

· Netball teams are expected to have 4 under 19 players (born on or after 01 January 1997) at any stage during the entire duration of the match.



· Soccer – 18 players and 2 officials

· Netball- 12 players and 2 officials

· Rugby- 23 players and 2 officials








Young Attackers (Ntselamanzi),

Middledrift Correctional Centre (Middledrift Town),

Siko Spurs (Sweet Home),



NUBS (Ntilini),

Young Stars (Qanda)




All Stars (New Town),

Home Boys (Hill Side),

Ntselamanzi United (Ntselamanzi),

Black Lion (Mayipase)


 Written by: Cynthia Mokitimi