A new life beckons for destitute Sauli family

The poor usually live in the most undesirable areas. Some people survive on a diet that is inadequate as their source of income is either limited to government social grants or handouts from their communities. These people have very little money for things such as education and medical care.

The following profile from one of the many wards inthe Nkonkobe Local Municipality is typical of the daily lives of poor families in this region:

A typical poor family of four in Hopefield, Alice, lives in a dilapidated one roomed mud house, prone to collapse anytime.

91-year-old Nombuyiselo Sauli lives with her three grandchildren, two of whom are still at school and one is mentally disabled. Sauli has recently buried her daughter, the mother of her grandchildren. The family survives with gogo Sauli’s social grant. The children are also recipients of social grants. One would think that, to some extent, the family has enough to survive on. Sadly this is not the case.

Gogo Sauli’s house is small and extremely cold. During the day, the house is a dining room and a kitchen and by night it becomes the “bedroom”. The whole family sleeps on the floor; there aren’t enough blankets either, especially with the many holes that the house has – where the cold breeze from the snowy Hogsback mountains penetrates.

One would say that there are so many other families that are, perhaps, in the same situation, or even worse. However, the plight of gogo Sauli’s family touched the hearts of many, including that of Ward 5 Cllr Nyangintaka, who, during the death of gogo Sauli’s daughter contacted the municipality for help, as the family needed assistance to bury their loved one.

Nkonkobe Local Municipality Mayor Cllr Ntsangani answered the call and went to the home to assess the situation.  Seeing the dire situation of the family, the municipality then came to their rescue.

Doing his bit in service delivery, Cllr Ntsangani gave his word to the family living a life of desperate poverty for years, that he will return with a team from the Department of Human Settlements, with the hope that the department would build gogo Sauli a new home.

On Monday August 6, Cllr Ntsangani, and a delegation from Human Settlements visited the home.

Construction on the family’s new home is currently underway.