Keeping our people informed

On 19 February and 02 March 2015, Nkonkobe Local  Municipality Mayor, His worship Anele Ntsangani led the Municipal Public accounts Committee (MPAC) on roadshow to certain areas of Nkonkobe.


 The main purpose of the MPAC is to exercise oversight over the executive functionaries of council and to ensure good governance in the municipality and the municipal entity. The mayor tabled the 2013/14 municipal annual report to members of the community present. In his presentation the mayor stressed the importance of partnerships with business and other key stakeholders so as to develop the Nkonkobe area and its people. He said such partnerships are of great need, specifically for cooperatives and small, medium and micro enterprises in the area to flourish and to be sustainable, thus giving the local economy a boost.    The mayor also made mention of municipal projects that are at an advanced stage of completion, including those that are still planned – such as the Fort Beaufort Sports Complex that is on the cards – and the re-gravelling of roads in Qanda, Mpundu, Balfour, Koloman and Ncerha, to name a few.


A number of residents in attendance strongly raised the issue of Free Basic Services, sighting the abuse of the service by those who are not deserving of it – who in turn are closing the door for those in need. The issue of vandalised community halls also took centre stage; where the mayor put it to all present to take responsibility of the infrastructure provided by government for them.


The mayor also encouraged those that are receiving services from the municipality to pay their rates. He said Nkonkobe is a rural municipality by its nature, therefore it is only a limited number of people who are ratepayers. He said when such people are defaulting in payments, and the municipality struggles in collecting monies owed by residents, a dent is then created in the municipal budget and service delivery will be affected.


Written by: Yandiswa Vena