Nkonkobe municipality held its own wellness programme under the office of the newly hired Employee Assistance Practitioner (EAP) Mr S Kakalala on the 18 & 19 June 2014 for both employees and councillors respectively. This event was based on educating municipal officials and councillor’s about substance abuse, STI education, men’s health  and also performing medical screenings.

Addressing employees, Senior Manager Corporate Services—Mrs NK Fololo said, this was  an important day for everyone, people need to listen as they are  thought on how to live healthy lives and also about substance abuse which is a major problem in our households and workplace . She urged employees not to have judgemental hearts because some people are uncomfortable to do all the screenings more especially screening for HIV & AIDS. People want to run away from the stigma and discrimination attached to it. What is important is to support one another and make use of the services offered by the EAP office as we are one big family.

Mrs Gwanxula from the Department of Health spoke on the importance of cancer screenings giving emphasis to males as cancer is gradually increasing for them and they hide it. She spoke strongly on the importance of getting examined before getting sick for both testicular & protest cancer as they can be prevented when caught early. Phumzile Mazibuko showed everyone the effects of smoking and a condom use demonstration was done.
                                                                                                               By: Yandiswa Vena