An elective Moral Regeneration Movement (MRM) conference was held on 15 September 2014, at the Happy Rest hall in Alice, to elect a new committee that will drive all the movement's programs to out-root moral degeneration.

Delegated by Nkonkobe Mayor Anele Ntsangani to address the meeting, in her opening remarks Cllr S Matyila, portfolio head for finance, said: "We are in a month were we are saying we need to go back to our heritage. We therefore are even more obliged to teach our children about our heritage, traditions and the values we stand for. This in turn will make them grounded and focus on the important things in life and ensure them a bright future. The MRM has a role to play in restoring our children's identity."

Giving the current status quo the out-going MRM committee chairperson Rev Njodo said in order for the movement to perform its duties it needed trustworthy people who will be able to work tirelessly to fulfill its mandate.  He said the structure is in dire need for people who understand the importance of having a community driven by the spirit of Ubuntu.

He further said that the committee faced a lot of challenges in communities which include: drugs, alcohol, crime, initiate deaths and challenges in the education system. He requested the meeting to take note of these issues when crafting the action plan for the newly elected structure. He further made a special plea for continuous prayers to ensure the smooth operation of the committee. 

Making his key note address Amathole District Municipality Speaker Cllr Samkelo Janda said: "This is (the meeting) a culmination of hard work that was started immediately after the dawn of the democratic dispensation." He continued and said: "The ultimate objective of the moral regeneration movement is to assist in the development of a caring society through the revival of the spirit of Ubuntu."

He further highlighted all the eight pillars of the MRM and how the movement should operate; and said members of the movement functioned on a voluntary basis with no financial gain at all. 

The community will benefit greatly in the structure as their action plan includes, among others, issues of crime prevention, circumcision, education challenges, awareness campaigns on drugs and alcohol abuse and other programs.
The new MRM committee is as follows: Chairperson - Rev Hartland, Deputy Chairperson - Nkosi Gulwa, Secretary - Rev Nkumanda, Assistant Secretary - Nkosi Tshona, Chaplain - Rev Ngwenya.

Sub Committees: Ethical Leadership - Chief Mqalo, Youth - Mr. Tebe, Education - Mrs. Mokitimi, Riches & Poverty - Ms. Mnguni, The Family - Mr Maqhude, Crime & Prevention - Mr Pango, Religion - Rev Hlangani & Rev Njodo, The Media - Ms Mjacu & Ms. Dukumbana

Written by: Cynthia Mokitimi