Free Basic Services Registration

The municipality is in a drive to register people in their indigent list who qualify to receive free basic services. The registration started on the 15 Jan and will continue until April 2013. During the public hearings process communities requested easy access to Free Basic Services. In the previous budget (2011/2012) 22 079 indigent household benefited from Free Basic Services. The municipality also took a decision to provide free paraffin to those indigents who lived in areas where there is no electricity as yet.

In the current financial year the municipality has budgeted an amount of R10 million for free basic services tabulated as follows: R9 million for free electricity and refuse removal and R1 million for free paraffin.

So far the institution has 1300 people registered to receive free paraffin, 17 433 for electricity and 6000 for free refuse removal. This numbers will increase as the registration continues in all villages and town. The municipality encourages all indigents to visit the municipal offices and register in their indigent list in order to benefit.