A bright future begins with you

A conducive Disability Sport Day recently hosted by the Nkonkobe Municipality special programmes unit 2015 had a positive to those in attendance. The event was held at the University of Fort Hare sport fields on 15 May.


This initiative was started as the platform that the municipality will utilize to engage and interact with people living with disability. The day proceeded with full participation by all present A variety of sporting codes were available including; wheelchair race, goal ball, fun walk and soccer. Also present at the event was the Department of Labour and Ngqushwa Municipality.


Presenting the purpose of the day, Chairperson of Nkonkobe Disabled forum Mr. Mawande Ncanywa said: “Today we are being given a chance to market ourselves and show our government that, yes we are disabled but our minds are able.


The is much that we can do to put our municipality on the map and change our lives for  the better; as we say NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US”.


He continued and said: “The impact of service delivery being inaccessible can mean much more than immediate inconvenience - it can contribute directly to the chances of a disabled person living in poverty through barriers to employment, education and other opportunities.”


Acting Mayor of the day, Cllr M Mgengo said: “We intend to listen and give everyone a sense of belonging and to strengthen our relations with our communities.  Government shall always have an ear to listen to you; and have programmes to support you and your forums. As the municipality we have the Mayors Cup and we also wish that you may also form part of that programme.”


Cllr Mgengo encouraged those living with disabilities to come up with programmes that are directly addressing their day-to-day  issues, and not to wait for the municipality or any department.


“We want to get from you the milestones you have achieved. Share your thoughts and ideas, and do not be silent. As the municipality we are here to support you.,” said Cllr Mgengo.

Written by: Yandiswa Vena