Bhofolo hospital gets "face-lift"

Nkonkobe Municipality in partnership with prominent Fort Beaufort-born personalities to bring "life" to Fort Beaufort Provincial Hospital

On July 18 & 19 the community of Fort Beaufort honoured Nelson Mandela's life/legacy by "bringing life" to the Fort Beaufort Provincial Hospital. The "Save Bhofolo" initiative was born out of concern about social degradation of life and key institutions in Fort Beaufort. Engagements were made with prominent Fort Beaufort personalities who had a desire to partner with local government and business in making their voices heard and persuade those with resources to contribute in improving the status quo.

The "Save Bhofolo" program, which not only focused on the 18 July but beyond, is driven by the fact that our political icon and father of the nation Nelson Mandela was schooled here in Nkonkobe, at Healdtown High School in Fort Beaufort and later at the University of Fort Hare in Alice.

Through engagements with key drivers of the project, a need was identified for the revamping, rehabilitation and renewal of buildings and equipment upgrade to ensure that quality healthcare is offered at the hospital.

Among the successful products of Fort Beaufort that the municipality worked with in this program is Umhlobo Wenene FM's breakfast show anchor Putco Mafani, who, with his friends from the town, identifyied strategic Fort Beaufort-born role models and achievers based in and out of the beautiful small town to come on board and make commitments towards the revamping of the hospital.

"Mandela Day was identified as the awareness springboard for letting South Africans know we are concerned and we pledge our time, our being and our resources towards improving the situation at the hospital; and we even mobilised members of the public and businesses in Fort Beaufort to partner with us on the project," said Nkonkobe Mayor Anele Ntsangani.
Among the donations received for the hospital were; 70 mattresses from the Department of Health, crockery from the University of Fort Hare, toys from the local King's Kids pre-primary school, food and water from Georgious Spar in Fort Beaufort and the local Fruit & Veg outlet and paint from the Fort Beaufort Total Garage. Nkonkobe Municipality adopted the pediatric ward at the hospital; where donations of bed covers, pillows, slipper couches, wall mounted heaters, plasma screens and a fully equipped play room were delivered.